1:  It is independent of all other number and the source of all other values.  It denotes completeness, sufficiency, and origin.  It is an exclusive number.  It is God’s number.Only He contains these exclusive properties.  “Hear Oh Israel,  the Lord thy God is One Lord.”   Deut. 6:4  

2:  It is indicative of difference either in enmity or in agreement.  The moral universe is divided between good and evil.  Personalities reflected this contrast.  Consider Cain and Able,  Ishmael and Isaac, Jacob and Esau.  Christ is called the Second man in contrast to the first man Adam.  I Cor 15:47.    The Proverbs are full of comparisons between righteousness and foolishness.  In agreement, it was necessary under Old Testament provisions that two witnesses were necessary to bring about a judgment. The Law was written on two tablets.  Jesus appealed to the witness of His Father as a testimony to the Jews.  Two Covenants give us the progressive testimony of the  will of God.  The Book of Revelation speaks of two witnesses that God sends to  condemn the works of the ungodly.  Rev. 11:3

3:  The Old Testament called for either two or three to provide witness to a fact.  Three is God’s signature that something is true.  Abraham was visited by three angels to  verify the fact he and Sarah would have a child.  Genesis 18:1-3  God’s basic  manifestations are as Father, Son, Holy Spirit.  Jesus ministry was for three years. Three times Jesus was Divinely approved by a voice from heaven. When He was crucified his claim as King was written in three languages upon His cross.  Peter  was given the vision of God’s acceptance of the Gentiles three times in
Acts 10.    I John 5:7,8 list the witnesses God has given the church both in heaven and upon the earth.

4:  On the fourth day the material creation was completed.  It is equipped with four
directions, four winds, and four corners.  There are four basic races of people. Four World empires are spoken of in the Book of Daniel.  Four is symbolic of the earth  
and its inhabitants.  Jesus described four different kinds of soils that the seed fell upon  in the parable of the sower, which represented four different human spiritual

5:  Five is symbolic of God working in his creation.  It symbolizes unmerited grace in spite of weakness.  Some commentators claim that when Israel marched out of Egypt and when they marched into Canaan they did so in droves of five.  The tabernacle had dimensions that were all divisible by five.  David picked up five smooth stones to challenge Goliath.  Jesus fed 5000 with five loaves and two fish.  Ten virgins were divided into fives as ones finding grace and others who did not.   The steward with five talents and increased them five more was given the uncultivated talent of the slothful steward.

6:  Six is man’s number.  He was created on the sixth day.  Six days are designate for his labor.  It is the number of incompleteness of falling short of the glory and blessing of God.  Six cities of refuge were designated for one who committed manslaughter. Solomon in his glory had a yearly revenue of 666 talents of gold.   Six steps lay before his throne.  It was a glorious kingdom but fell short of God’s kingdom.  The great  giant Goliath was six cubits tall.  He wore six pieces of armor and had a spearhead  that weigh six hundred shekels.  Nebuchadnezzar erected an image sixty cubits high and six cubits wide.  The number of the man who is antichrist is 666.  This could well represent man at his best/worse in body, soul, and spirit as a defiance against God. He will cause people to worship him and obey him.  Jesus hung upon the cross for six hours to provide atonement for man’s dispensation of disobedience. Proverbs 6:16 describes six things that God hates. 

7:  Four (creation) plus three (divine manifestation) equals seven.  It is the number of completeness.  There are many sevens programmed into creation.  Seven days for one week.  Seven year cycles of weather.  Seven colors in the rainbow.  Seven notes on the musical scale.  The seventh day was the Sabbath day of rest. The priests sprinkled blood upon the mercy seat seven times.  There were seven Feasts of Jehovah.  Joshua compassed the walls of Jericho for seven days with seven priests blowing seven trumpets.  On the seventh day they marched around seven times. Jesus gave the measure of perfect forgiveness by stating it as seventy times seven. Seven deacons were appointed in Acts 6 to bring service and harmony to the believers. Seven epistles were written to seven churches.  Seven messages were given to the  seven churches of Asia.  This represents complete instruction for the churches of all  the ages.  The number seven is used fifty four times just in the Book of Revelation. It’s the Book that completes the story of redemption.  The seventh man from Adam escaped death by walking with God.  He was translated.

8:  Eight is a superlative number.  It signifies a new beginning.  Eight people, Noah and family were saved in the flood.  Circumcision took place of the eighth day of a male child’s life.  Priests were consecrated for seven days and began their ministry on the eighth day.  Lepers could reenter the mainstream of life upon the eighth day of being clean.  Jesus took his disciples upon the Mount of Transfiguration to see his glory after eight days.  Jesus appeared to doubting Thomas on the eighth day of his   resurrection.   The first day of the week is actually the eighth day and is designated as the Lord’s Day or a day of new beginning.  The name Jesus in the Greek has a  numerical value of 888. 

NINE (9):  It is the last of the single digit numbers and has a message of finality.
1.  Israel was commanded to rest the seventh year not planting or even reaping
the volunteer crops.  As they obeyed  God would command His blessing upon
the produce of the sixth year and it would last until the ninth year or until the
crops of the eighth year were harvested.   Leviticus 25:18-22  The fruits of the
Spirit are listed as nine. Galatians 5:22,23.  Likewise the Gifts of the Spirit are
nine.  I Corinthians  12:8-10  These are to be enjoyed until the end of time, when a
whole new ‘harvest’ of  blessing will come in.

2. Jesus died in the ninth hour making final atonement for sin.  Mark 15:33,34

3. Peter and John went up to the temple to pray at the ninth hour.  A miracle
was performed upon a crippled man.  From that time on the church was separated
from the friendship of the world system and persecution began. 

4. Cornelius was praying in the ninth hour and received an angelic visitation.  The
seeming ban on Gentiles was ended as they were included in the church.

TEN (10):  It is the number of World Political Power and man’s collective responsibility before God.                                                                                                               
1. God gave Ten Commandments which were to govern Israel as a nation.  They were held accountable for not upholding them in government.

2. Pharoah’s power was confronted to times to let Israel go.  Because he resisted
the call of God, he was judged ten times with ten plagues.

3. The final world power is illustrated as ten toes in Daniel 2:41.  Ten horns again
represent a formidable world power in Daniel 7:7.

4. Man is held responsible to return one tenth of his increase to God.

5. Ten virgins were judged for their wisdom/foolishness.

TWELVE (12):  It is the signature of God’s people and Divine government.

1. There are twelve tribes of Israel.  Twelve apostles of Jesus.  Twenty four elders
in the Book of Revelation, the composite of Old Testament and New Testament
saints.  The New Jerusalem has 12 gates with 12 angels guarding the gates.
There are 12 foundations.  The dimension is given as twelve thousand furlongs in
four directions. 

2. 144,000 = 12X12X1000 is the designated number of elect of God.

FORTY (40):  It represents probational testing.

1. Moses’ life was a series of forty years.

2. The spies viewed Caanan for forty days and reported negatively.

3. Israel wondered for forty years for their unbelief.

4. Saul, David and Solomon reigned as kings for forty years each.

5. Jesus was tempted for forty days without sin.

6. Jesus showed himself alive to his disciples for forty days as undeniable proof.

ONE THOUSAND (1000):  Having to do with the extent of man’s dominion and power
1.  Deut. 7:9     2.  Psalms 84:10    3.  Psalms 50:10    4.  II Peter 3:8  5.  Millennium
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