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Luke 15:3-31

PURPOSE: To present a godly attitude and a holy urgence toward the lost. To share the joy that God has when a sinner repents.

The Lost Condition: The sheep probably strayed unintentionally preoccupied with eating etc. Since a sheep has no natural instinct for direction therefore someone must search for him or there will be no happy ending. There is a tremendous need for us to always be in search of the sheep that have lost their direction.
Restoration causes joy that must be shared. It should always be an occasion of celebration when a sinner repents. True soul winners will rejoice when any sinner returns to God.

The Lost Condition: The coin was lost, most likely, through the carelessness of someone. It was unaware of its lost condition. It too must be searched for. The coin is located by diligent search. A house cleaning resulted in its restoration. So much is lost by our negligence. They will only be restored by diligent search. Oh the joy of a spiritual restoration.

The Lost Condition: This son willfully chose a destructive path. He did not have to be sought after. He knew the way home. He did need to know that he would be welcomed back. He represents the backslider. The backslider needs much love and acceptance after he has repented. Let's keep a fatted calf, a robe, and a ring in reserve for the weary backslider. Galatians 6:1
Let's even go out to meet him with open arms.
Let's purge out the elder brother syndrome in us. It reeks with pride and jealously, cloaked in a false sense of righteousness that is void of mercy. It is a sin not to rejoice in someone's restoration. It denotes a smallness about ourselves when we can not rejoice with them that rejoice.

THE CHRISTIAN RESPONSE TO THE LOST: Care, Prayer, Share, Welcome, and Rejoice.
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